I remember when I got started with interactive stories, I’d look at all these cool illustrated stories. And I’d think, they had a huge budget, or they had a ton of developers, or they had all these creatives giving them ideas.

I’m just one person! How can I do that?

This article offers three tips on how to get more of the work you love (and is a hard sell, shameless plug, and all of that jazz.. on getting great at interactive storytelling… I won’t lie!)

Yes, I help instructional and elearning designers craft and launch interactive stories.

BUT, crafting…

Planning your interactive story is not like improv. You can’t just ask, “So what happens next?” and then build out the next situation that pops into your head.

You’ve got to be intentional about it.


Well, I assume your goal is to move someone from one state of awareness…

We all want to write powerful scenario questions. The kinds of questions where our learner reads every single option. Better yet, they’re learning from considering those options.

And, of course, they’re making a compelling decision. …

The largest book in the world — sourced from a page about restrictions on binding.
By Frank H. Nowell — California Building

Ahhh the dreaded information dump.

The sworn enemy of the instructional designer.

The unintended sleeping aid for learners.

The tragic waste of resources for an organization.

A ‘learning experience’ which just presents truckloads of content to its captive audience, with little context and little application practice to connect the information to real-world action.

We’ve all experienced it, we all hate it, and it’s usually born with a request that sounds something…


Instructional design is a weird profession.

It’s very much multi-faceted, and depending on where you’re working, the job can call for A LOT of different skills.

Course design (duh), subject matter expertise, graphic design, technical writing, programming, project management…

Just to name a few!

This is actually why a lot…

Anna Sabramowicz

I help people craft interactive stories (and I ❤️ what I do!) Visit me here: https://www.elearningsecrets.com/

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